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about me

I’ve recently moved back to my hometown – Saint John, New Brunswick. It feels like a big step after spending six years roaming the province. I return with a hard-earned college diploma, social anxiety disorder, clinical depression, two good kitties, a dwarf hamster, and a four year old iMac.

I’m working for a local photographer, and I love it. It’s not exactly the graphic design I studied in college, but I’ve been learning a lot. Unfortunately it’s only part of each year, so I’m hoping to head back to university as well.

My big “project” for 2010 is self-improvement. I’m unhappy with various areas of my life, so I need to change. And since it’s going to be a huge change I need to start small and work forward. Step one was scrapping the past and starting fresh. The next is narrowing down the list of problems. I need to come up with a list of things I’m unhappy with in my life, and figure out which can be remedied in the short and long-term. And then I need to work out the steps to getting there, so I can make them into a plan to follow. And then I have to follow it. Which is where this blog comes in!

LiveJournal was a big part of my life from 2001 through most of 2009. I still want a blog, but it’s time for something without so much history. Change means breaking routine, and that means the end of my LiveJournal.



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