full a' vinegar and glitter

(Hey, she’s a piratey soul)

i get up early!

Well, usually. There are certainly nights I stay up until 4am playing World of Warcraft, and then sleep in until noon. On all those other days I’m up by 8am at the latest. I rarely (if ever) make and eat a good breakfast, and that is one of the habits I’m trying to change.

So yesterday I got up at 6am (seriously) and decided to make oatmeal. Laugh if you want, but goddamn I love it. I don’t really remember eating breakfast when I was growing up either, but the times that stand out were when Mum made oatmeal. So I had my oatmeal, treated myself to some hot chocolate, and decided to switch the rooms of my apartment around. It may sound crazy, but my favourite days are the ones when I’m up early, it’s cold, and I feel like getting stuff done.

I live alone in a one-and-a-half bedroom apartment uptown. It’s the top half of a house, and has a gorgeous backyard. There is a medium, square-shaped room in the middle, a large room looking on the street, and the half bedroom in the back looking on the garden. Plus a sweet two-toned hallway, a cute bathroom, and a kitchen.

When I moved in I threw all of my bedroom stuff in the large front room, but it doesn’t really suit me. I don’t have much to decorate with, so there was a ton of bare wall space. Not to mention the noise from the street, whewww. The little half bedroom is super quiet, and looks out on the beautiful backyard. It’s just big enough to fit the futon in sideways against the window. Though I’ll have to be extra careful about the radiators this winter. I brought the thick curtains from the front room as well – they’re super pretty and make the room even cozier. The only downsides to the room are its lack of a ceiling light and a door. I have plans to fix both problems though. I brought a standing lamp home from my parents’ place last night, and it seems to double as a sweater and scarf hang-on. I also brought home a spring curtain rod which will eventually help to act as a door for my half bedroom.

That leaves the huge room with less furniture than ever for a while. Carly is inheriting a new bed, and has offered me the old one. So at some point next week that will go in the large room, as well as a chair from one aunt, and a chair plus a settee from another. I guess it’ll eventually be a spare room plus sitting room plus store room? I also need a big bookshelf for my living room, and a mirror.

Hum hum hum. I can’t wait until I’m getting full-time hours at work.


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